Automotive Lubricants in Western Washington

When it comes to automotive lubricants in Western Washington, Nelson Reisner (NR) is your trusted partner. We understand the crucial role they play in enhancing machinery performance, and that’s why we offer a wide range of premium lubricants specifically designed for industrial, automotive, aviation, and other specialized applications.

Your Trusted Fuel Company

At NR, we take pride in being the premier fuel company in Western Washington. We provide our customers with nothing but the best. That’s why our products are sourced from top brands renowned for their commitment to quality and performance. NR proudly offers automotive lubricants from the following:

Aside from our products, we also offer commercial fuel services in Western Washington. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Diverse Lubrication Solutions

Our extensive selection includes engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, and greases. Whatever your lubrication needs may be, we have the perfect solution for optimal machinery performance.

Elevate Efficiency and Extend Lifespan

With NR’s premium automotive lubricants, you can expect nothing less than optimal machinery performance. Our products not only offer quality lubrication but also help extend the lifespan of your equipment. By reducing friction, preventing wear and tear, and enhancing overall performance, our lubricants contribute to the increased efficiency and longevity of your valuable machinery assets.

Industrial Oils

Ensure your industrial machinery’s reliable and efficient operation with our extensive selection of industrial oils, including:

  • Chevron
    • Regal R&O
    • GST Oils
    • Capella Refrigeration Oils
  • ExxonMobil
    • Mobil SHC 600 Series
    • Mobil DTE Series
  • Phillips 66
    • Multipurpose R&O
    • Turbine Oils
    • Refrigerant Compressor Oils

Engine Oils

Keep your vehicles moving smoothly with the highest quality engine oils available in the industry. Whether you have diesel or gasoline engines, we provide a full line of motor oils for all your needs, such as:

  • Chevron
    • Delo 400SDE
    • Havoline® Pro DS
    • Supreme M/O GST Oils
  • ExxonMobil
    • Delvac 1300
    • Mobil 1 Synthetic
  • Phillips 66
    • Guardol ECT
    • Firebird HDEC
    • Kendall
    • Shield Choice

Hydraulic Oils

Equip your machinery with high-quality hydraulic oils that offer both power and protection. We offer products that can handle the demands of commercial fleets, farms, and construction equipment. Some of our most popular products are:

  • Chevron
    • Rando HD
    • Clarity AW
    • Rando HDZ
  • ExxonMobil
    • DTE Excel Series
    • EAL 224H
    • DTE 20 Series
  • Phillips 66
    • Megaflow AW
    • Powerflow NZ
    • Megaflow HVI


Ensure your machinery’s peak performance in any condition with our full line of greases. We offer a wide range for every application, including:

  • Chevron
    • Ultra-Duty
    • Delo Grease EP
    • Ulti-Plex Grease EP
  • ExxonMobil
    • Mobilux EP
    • Mobilith SHC
    • Mobil Grease XHP
  • Phillips 66
    • Multiplex Red
    • Megaplex XD
    • Omniguard 220

Transmission Fluids

At NR, we offer various transmission fluids that are specially formulated with performance-enhancing chemicals to meet the demands of each transmission. Our selection includes:

  • Chevron
    • Havoline ATF MD-3
    • 1000 THF
    • DELO Synthetic Trans Fluid
  • ExxonMobil
    • Mobil Trans HD
    • Mobilfluid 424
  • Phillips 66
    • Super ATF
    • Hydraulic Tractor Fluid
    • Versatrans LV

Gear Lubricants

Don’t neglect your gear’s requirements for optimal operation. At NR, we offer a range of gear lubricants to meet your specific needs. We have products like:

  • Chevron
    • DELO Gear EP5
    • DELO Synthetic Gear Lube
    • Meropa Gear Oil
  • ExxonMobil
    • Mobil Gear 600XP Series
    • Glygoyle Series
  • Phillips 66
    • MP Gear Lube
    • Triton SynGear FE
    • Extra Duty Gear Oils

Food Grade

When it comes to food-grade lubricants, NR has you covered. We offer a wide selection from trusted suppliers, including:

  • Chevron
    • FM Synthetic Compressor Oil
    • Capella P Refrigeration Oil
  • Fuchs
    • FM Hydraulic Oils
    • Cassida FM Grease
    • Superla White Oils
  • Phillips 66
    • Food Machinery Oils

Aviation Oil

For commercial and high-performance aviation applications, choose NR’s aviation oils. We provide a full line of from industry-leading suppliers like:

  • ExxonMobil
    • Exxon Aviation Elite 20w-50
  • Phillips 66
    • XC Aviation Engine Oils 20w-50 and 25w-60
    • XC Aviation Hydraulic 5606 A and H Oils
  • Shell
    • Aeroshell Oil
    • Aeroshell W Oils

Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of automotive lubricants. We are here to help you find the right products for all your needs.