Premier Commercial Fuel Services in Western Washington

NR is the preferred choice for quality commercial fuel services in Western Washington. Our dynamic fuel company was formed through a merger of two family-owned-and-operated organizations. As these businesses join forces, we highlight their unique strengths and capabilities. This partnership allows us to enhance our offerings, improve company efficiency, expand our market coverage, and provide our clients with more comprehensive and integrated solutions.

How the Merger Impacts You:

1. Expanded Product and Service Portfolio – The merger helps us diversify the commercial fuel services and products we offer. We ensure you have access to an even more comprehensive range of solutions to meet your ever-changing needs.

2. Increased Innovation – NR drives innovation by combining the resources and expertise of our parent companies. Count on us to showcase new and improved services, features, and technologies that will improve your experience with us.

3. Streamlined Processes – Despite some changes in the backend, our fuel company is committed to ensuring a smooth transition. Our goal is to minimize any impact on your daily interactions with us while delivering the high level of service you have come to expect.

4. Stronger Support – As a merged entity, NR is better equipped to provide improved customer support. We work diligently to deliver a seamless experience throughout the transition.

5. Purchasing Power – By bringing together the strengths and resources of our parent companies, we become a more robust and versatile business entity. This collaboration will significantly increase NR’s purchasing power. Our fuel company looks forward to providing our clients with more competitive pricing and a broader range of services and products.

Joining the Concept of Jobbers

In 1980, with the concept of jobbers gaining momentum, Jim Nelson seized the opportunity to join the movement. Alongside acquiring the bulk plant in Arlington, he also added the bulk plant and territory in Darrington. During this time, Jim’s son, Mark Nelson, entered the company and took multiple roles, such as a warehouseman, driver, and dispatcher.

By 1982, the Chevron bulk plant and territory in Everett, WA, were acquired from Shultz Distributing, leading to significant changes. Mark became a partner in the business and began a more significant role as operations manager.

Expansion and New Ventures

As Nelson Petroleum underwent continuous expansion throughout the 80s, its Arlington facility proved inadequate to support its growing operations. To address this, they decided to construct a new office and warehouse in 1988. This expansion included the addition of bulk lube storage with drum and pail filling capabilities, along with the renovation of the cardlock fuel facility.

Moreover, Nelson Petroleum acquired both the business and cardlock facility from an unbranded marketer in Everett. Over the subsequent years, with business growth, Mark took on a more prominent role in handling financial matters and collaborating with lenders, suppliers, and accountants.

In 1991, Mark negotiated the acquisition of Fiedler Oil, a Unocal marketer in Mount Vernon, WA. This acquisition expanded Nelson Petroleum’s service area to Skagit County. In 1993, they constructed a new office and warehouse in Mount Vernon to serve the region better. At this time, Jim withdrew from the day-to-day operations, and Mark took on complete responsibility for managing and directing Nelson Petroleum.

Retail Ventures and Acquisitions

In 1997, Nelson Petroleum ventured into retail and collaborated with Chevron to establish two co-branded Chevron McDonald’s in Arlington and Granite Falls. By 1998, they added a third retail station to their Mount Vernon property.

In June 2000, Mark negotiated the acquisition of Dennis Petroleum, a Phillips66 marketer in Everett, WA. This acquisition marked the most significant venture for Nelson Petroleum, doubling the company’s size. To accommodate the increased volume, Nelson Petroleum relocated from their existing bulk plant in Everett to a cutting-edge facility, providing 5,000 square feet of office space and 26,000 square feet of warehouse space. This new building now serves as the company’s headquarters.

Today, Nelson Reisner continues to provide exceptional petroleum services with a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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